Paul Taylor

To this day Paul has carefully blended his craft of designing frames with a deep appreciation of the human face and its many shapes. Paul Taylor’s return to designing cutting edge optical and sunglass wear is a move welcomed by the fashion savvy coveters of this stylish and ‘oh-so daring’ designer. Nothing escapes Paul Taylor's attention, from the carefully selected colour palette to the highest quality acetate and sunlenses, he leaves no stone unturned in creating the best quality product for his customers.



The personality of Lafont is a balancer between its shape and colour, with over 200 colours in its collection. Lafont is an eyewear tradition that is made in France. It is a mix of craftsmanship and high technology manufacturing.



All Karavan model and hand made in France in either metal or acetate. The designers have worked to develop an authentic and contemporary collection with a range of natural and bright colours this range is truly exceptional.


Jono Hennessy

Today Jono Hennessey is an Australian label with an international flavour. The frames are designed and ‘hand crafted by eyewear artisans who are proud of what they create.’ The Jono Hennessy collection is hugely influenced by the colours and styles of the 50’s and 60’s.



Porsche Design is truly unique. Not just perfectly designed, but engineered. Porsche Design eye wear are derived from the precise knowledge of optics and physiognomy. Carefully selected materials, the latest technology, the artful engineering, the best comfort are the characteristics of Porsche Design glasses



Sydney brand Iconik realises that each frame style is part of the wearers personality. Each pair of Iconik frame are designed with inspired and dedication so that each individual style evokes a timeless design.